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Welcome to Kenya's leading online tuition and teaching  platform with Video classes complete syllabus, summarised notes all subjects and weekly monitored examination and marking schemes for Secondary and Primary students.

We have been recognized by Google as a Leading Home Schooling platform in Kenya and featured in Daily Nation and Business Today publications

In this project I have teamed up with leading  and experienced teachers from different National and Private schools in  Africa to provide a learning and revision programme online for Students across Africa in both Primary and Secondary Schools.

If you’re searching for the best home schooling platform in Kenya to provide you with the personalized attention you deserve, look no further!

Scopebenja Home Schooling online can and will help unlock your full potential by providing the one-on-one attention you need in order to succeed  in your academics

I am a knowledgeable private teacher with many years of experience, and have been offering my services as a Math  and Physics Tutor since 2010 in various private schools.

I was  voted Best mathematics Teacher in Kenya in 2010  and have continued to produce best mathematics classes year in, year out ever since.

Read more as reported in various Media houses below and welcome to Kenya's leading Home schooling website.

Benjamim Kimuyu - CEO

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I recognize the potential in each one of my students.

With a customizable approach, I have helped thousands of students improve in the Mathematics and Physics Grades.

My  sterling student results are a testament that my system works. I’m a patient, adaptable, and professional Math  and Physics Tutor ready to help you reach your goals.

Get in touch today so we can start working together.

Examinations updated weekly to keep your child academically engaged while at home.

Secondary Video Classes now available click here

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Lessons and Specialties

As a well-renowned private teacher in Kenya, I have been serving as an academic professional in a number of different schools

since 2010 and together with other Leading Teachers we are providing continuous online  teaching


revision materials in both  Primary and Secondary  subjects

Whether you’re looking for One-on-One Lessons or Test Prep, explore the lessons we offer and see how you will expand your knowledge base and  master the success secrets of your subjects.

One-on-One Lessons online  or  in person

Guaranteed Success

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Group Lessons

Customized Lessons to Fit different student capabilities

Support Telephone +254740177547

“All subjects are equal, all it takes is a positive attitude,” the teacher (Mr. Benjamin Kimuyu) told the Daily Nation.  

What is his magic potion?

“I use everyday experiences and the environment to explain mathematical concepts that have been perceived as difficult by students,” he said, adding that his rule of thumb is to leave class only after the students have asked questions.

Excerpt from Daily  Nation Newspaper

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